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"Rhen" Herron, 1989 - 2005

There's no better way to begin a remembrance page than with my own beloved Rhen.  Born in 1989, died in 2005, he was the one physically present constant in my life, every day, for so many years.  I was working at a pet store that summer, and he was the last of a litter for sale.  I'll never understand how he got passed over, because his personality truly shined.  I miss so many things. His aggressive head butting the tip of my nose in the morning when demanding breakfast.  The way he worked his back legs and vibrated his tail when excited (at least he never sprayed).  His love of cantaloupe.  The way I could call him home with a whistle or an electric can opener.  His following me around dog-like tendencies.  Our peek-a-boo-then-charge-at-me game.  His incessant siamese-like whining.  His nasal chattering at birds.  His manipulation of neighbors- everyone opened their doors (and food) for him... he was just that sort of cat, at home everywhere.  His profound reaction to catnip- he'd literally face plant into it, then fall and roll over in ecstasy.  He was very independent, which made his occasional demands for being held very special.  I miss his afternoon napping skills.  His patience with new pets I would bring home- he took them all in stride.  He had his share of injuries and illness, but was tough as nails, and always recovered.  He started getting sick in 2004, probably lymphosarcoma.   His death was like the end of an era to me.  He was very loved, and is very well missed.